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What to Expect in January 2024

What to Expect in January 2024

With the new year coming next month, Viz Media has announced a list of major releases for the month of January 2024. This includes new manga series along with the return of beloved stories. Also announced are DVD box sets of your favorite series. All works can be purchased through Viz Media or authorized vendors. Here is a breakdown of all the major releases from Viz Media during January 2024.

Series Debut

Marriage Toxin, Vol. 1 – A deadly assassin from the poison clan, Gero swears he’ll never settle down. That changes when the family orders his sister to produce an heir. Refusing to let his sister abandon her chance at true love with her girlfriend, Gero desperately turns to marriage swindler Mei Kinosaki for relationship advice.

Steel of the Celestial Shadows, Vol. 1 – Konosuke can’t pick up a sword thanks to a curse that repels anything made of metal that gets near him. Destitute and hopeless, he decides to end it all. But when a mysterious woman saves his life and his soul, it is the beginning of Ryudo’s journey into a strange world of magic.

Tokyo These Days, Vol. 1 – On his final day as an editor, Shiozawa takes a train to impart some last advice to a manga creator whose work he used to edit. Later, he is drawn to a bookshop at the request of a junior editor who wants his help dealing with an incorrigible manga. For Shiozawa, Tokyo these days is full of memory and is cocooned in the inescapable bonds among manga creators, their editors, art, and life itself.

Aliens Area, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – After losing his parents in an accident, Tatsumi Tatsunami is doing his best to provide for his younger siblings. Things get complicated when he’s attacked by aliens. Saved by Sharaku, who belongs to the mysterious organization called Foreign Affairs 5. Tatsumi joins the organization to figure out why aliens are after him.

Series Conclusion

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 31 – After escaping the battle against Lt. Tsurumi’s forces, Sugimoto, Asirpa, Hijikata, and their comrades board a train headed for Hakodate. But the train is loaded with Tsurumi’s 7th Division troops. As the train hurtles toward the end of the line, Sugimoto and Asirpa face Tsurumi for the last time.

Anime Tie-Ins

Kaiju No. 8, Vol. 9 – With the looming threat induced by No. 9, the next generation of the Defense Force takes steps to prepare. Reno undergoes training and becomes the first compatible user of No. 6. Kafka sharpens his skills by learning squadron-style combat techniques under Hoshina’s tutelage.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, Vol. 11 – Shiraishi is riding high after a successful school festival until he learns that Kubo has a crush on someone. Shiraishi is forced to confront his feelings for his first friend, but he isn’t sure if he should act on them.

Case Closed, Vol. 89 – Early Christmas shopping turns grim when the Junior Detective League stumbles on a murder at a department store. Meanwhile, Conan pursues an even more baffling mystery: the identity of “Mary”.

Fly Me to the Moon, Vol. 21 – Tsukasa and Nasa find a final gift‚ a final puzzle left for them by Tokiko. Can Nasa unlock the high-tech secrets hidden in an antique clock or will Tsukasa manage to break things beyond repair?

Komi Can’t Communicate, Vol. 28 – Komi and Tadano are officially a couple. Komi’s dad wants another chance to bond with Tadano so he arranges a sauna date. Tadano manages to make things cringe when asks Komi’s dad the worst question — “How do you kiss a girl?”.

One-Punch Man, Vol. 27 – Psychos intends to fuse with the Monster King would give them immense power against Tornado. Meanwhile, Saitama gets caught up in a cave-in in the Monster Association’s underground labyrinth.

Record of Ragnarok, Vol. 9 – In the Valhalla arena, Raiden Tameemon stands ready to fight for humanity. Representing the gods, Shiva the Destroyer is confident of his eventual victory. As the two battle, Loki follows a hunch regarding the power the Valkyries use to merge with the human heroes’ weapons.

Ultraman, Vol. 19 – As Shinjiro’s resolve to be Ultraman continues to waver, a chance meeting with an old family friend puts him on the path to discovering his reason to fight.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 6–Stone Ocean, Vol. 2 – Jotaro arrives to break Jolyne out of jail, but they fall into a trap. Leaving the father and daughter to fight for their lives inside a dream while their real bodies are being dissolved.

Video Game Tie-Ins

Pokémon Adventures: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Vol. 1 – While training with Sapphire and Steven in Sea Mauville, Emerald is attacked by a mystery Pokémon. Ruby journeys to the Sky Pillar to earn the trust of Zinnia, the Lorekeeper of the Draconid tribe.

New Releases

Blue Box, Vol. 8 – After the actor playing the prince is knocked out of commission, Taiki is asked to take on the role. As nervous as he is, he follows through with the performance. That is until an accident befalls him and Hina.

Tamon’s B-Side, Vol. 2 – When the F/ACE members compete to become the new face of the band, Utage helps Tamon defend his position.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Vol. 5 – Erika thinks she’s hit the jackpot when she ends up in the same class as Kyoya. But her newfound bliss will be short-lived if their Kamiya has his way.

Dandadan, Vol. 6 – The Kito clan tosses Okarun and the gang into an alternate-reality version of Jiji’s family home. There they encounter another of the clan’s sacrifices, a child who goes on to possess the softhearted Jiji.

Helck, Vol. 7 – Powered-up human army continues to clash with the Empire’s soldiers.

Show-ha Shoten!, Vol. 4 – Azemichi and Taiyo are the final performers of the Wara-1 Koshien prelims. Between Azemichi’s carefully scripted comedy and Taiyo’s flawless acting, they’ve got the perfect routine. But despite having started off with the biggest laughs, Azemichi draws a blank halfway through their routine. Undead Unluck, Vol. 14 – Nico has betrayed the Union in order to resurrect his wife. Andy squares off against his former comrade, but just as he gains the upper hand, UMA Ghost intervenes.

Boy’s Abyss, Vol. 4 – When Gen reveals a shocking secret about Reiji’s mother, he kicks into high gear in his determination to save her. Reiji finds it’s not as easy to extricate himself from his illicit affair with his teacher as it was to fall into it.

How Do We Relationship?, Vol. 10 – Miwa and Saeko first broke up because they couldn’t meet halfway on their differences. When their new relationship begins to show signs of turning rocky, they’re both determined to find a way to compromise. But discovering a happy medium is harder than they thought.

DVD Sets

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Part 1, Limited Edition – After falling into a trap, Jolyne Cujoh is sentenced to fifteen years at the Green Dolphin Street Prison. On the verge of despair, she receives a pendant from her father that causes her powers to awaken. The collection has the first 18 episodes on three Blu-ray discs. Also featured are a 48-page booklet, and interviews with the cast.

Naruto Shippuden, Set 2 – Gaara is rescued from the clutches of the evil Akatsuki, but now his life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Naruto gets an unwelcome surprise when he’s attacked by a cold and unfeeling shinobi named Sai. The collection has episodes 28-55 on four Blu-ray discs. Also featured are art cards, storyboards, and interviews with the cast.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Complete Fourth Season – A majestic pegasus has requested Chibi-Usa’s aid, via her dreams. His plea turns out to be more than a dream when the Dead Moon Circus arrives in Tokyo. Sailor Moon and the Guardians must fight, but without the Holy Grail, what is she to do? The collection has all 39 episodes of the season on six Blu-ray discs.

More to Come

VIZ Media is the largest publisher and distributor of manga in North America. They are also the biggest distributor of anime on home media. Besides their business, they are also active in the fandom community with their support for anime conventions. 8Bit/Digi is an independent media outlet that provides insight into the gamer community of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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