Sunday, May 19, 2024

Weeks after mechanics employed by Tesla in Sweden went on strike in late October, other unions in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have joined in solidarity by refusing to provide services to Tesla. The goal is to pressure the automaker to sign a collective agreement with its Swedish workers.

The strike, led by 120 mechanics represented by the trade union IF Metall in Sweden, is the first labor action against Tesla. It has spread to Denmark, where dockworkers have refused to unload Tesla vehicles at ports, and Norway, where unions have boycotted the transport of cars to Sweden.

The strike has garnered support from various other unions in Sweden who are refusing to provide services to Tesla, such as cleaning facilities, servicing battery chargers, and painting and repairing vehicles. The strike is seen as fighting to defend the Swedish Model, which emphasizes cooperation between employers and employees.

Tesla has taken legal action to compel the delivery of license plates and has insisted on following Swedish labor laws but has chosen not to sign a collective agreement. CEO Elon Musk has expressed his disagreement with unions and accused them of creating negativity within a company.

The solidarity among Nordic countries’ unions is strong, with talks taking place between IF Metall and neighboring labor groups. The Model Y, Tesla’s popular electric SUV, remains in demand despite the strike.

The strike’s duration is uncertain, but IF Metall has said it is prepared for a protracted fight and would end the action if Tesla agreed to discuss a collective agreement. However, Tesla remains resistant to unions in various countries, including Germany and Sweden.

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