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Congratulations to all our active community members farming Solana Airdrops! We’ve been sharing these opportunities this year with you, and it looks like it’s all coming together right now. The Solana ecosystem is booming and the haters are left wondering why they faded this blockchain.

Here are 3 huge Solana Airdrops that happened in the last 2-3 weeks. All of them were retroactive airdrops, meaning you had to show activity in the ecosystem.

3 Solana Airdrops That Made the MoneyPrinter go Brrrrrrr

Don’t let anyone fool you, it’s always airdrop season.

1] Jito Network

Jito Network is reshaping the Solana DeFi landscape with JitoSOL, a Liquid Staking Token known for its dynamic growth, and the launch of the JTO governance token further empowers the community in steering the network’s future, enhancing the staking economy.

The Jito Foundation is airdropping 100,000,000 $JTO tokens, accounting for 10% of the total supply. Eligible Airdrop recipients can claim their tokens over 18 months starting December 7th, 2023. You can find more info on how to claim here.

Currently, the price of $JTO is trading at $3.42 on Bybit, with a short peak of $4.40. Some farmers in our community have claimed mid-figures farming this particular airdrop.

2] Pyth Network

Pyth Network is an innovative oracle solution, delivering real-time financial data from more than 90 esteemed financial entities directly to the blockchain. This approach ensures secure, cost-effective data aggregation, crucial for ÐApps across numerous blockchain ecosystems.

A substantial allocation of 600 million $PYTH tokens, representing 6% of the total supply, is set aside to reward active ÐApps, DeFi participants, and committed community members. Check your eligibility on Airdrop Alert.

This token is now tradable at Bybit for $0.45 per token, making the airdrop pool nearly $300 Million.

3] Jupiter Exchange

Jupiter is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain, designed as a superior alternative to traditional centralized exchanges. It features an innovative LP-to-trader perpetual exchange, offering up to 100x leverage and leveraging LP pool liquidity and oracles for seamless trading with zero price impact and slippage.

The Jupiter DEX aggregator on Solana is rolling out a retrospective Airdrop, allocating 40% of its 10 billion $JUP supply across four rounds. Many farmers got 5-figure Jup tokens, which are traded in a pre-market between $0.50-$1. Go over to our airdrop page to see if you have some free tokens to claim.

Upcoming Solana Airdrops

If you missed these airdrops, don’t worry. The bull market is just starting, and you will feel you missed out on opportunities every single day. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to find the next one.

Here is a list of Solana Airdrops that you can still farm. As usual, most of them are retroactive so make sure you have on-chain activity recorded.

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