Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Tesla’s reputation for making technologically advanced cars took a hit this week, as the company recalled over two million vehicles. U.S. officials stated that Tesla had not done enough to ensure that drivers remained alert while using a system that allows cars to steer, brake, and accelerate automatically. This was Tesla’s fourth recall in under two years, and the company’s market share has been slipping as other automakers have begun selling electric vehicles. Some customers are also offended by Elon Musk’s recent public statements, sparking further criticism of the company. The recall was prompted by an investigation into Tesla’s driver-assistance system, Autopilot, after multiple accidents, some of which were fatal. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants Tesla to prevent drivers from misusing the system. These events have led some to question whether Autopilot technology actually makes driving safer. Tesla has claimed that it makes cars safer, but regulators and lawmakers have urged the company to take more responsibility. This recall is the most recent incident in a series of similar events.

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