Thursday, May 23, 2024

The New York Wild defenseman Jake Middleton was unexpectedly asked by Russian superstar Kirill Kaprizov if he’d ever eaten Russian food. Middleton responded negatively, and was then asked if he’d like to go to a Russian restaurant in New York City, to which he enthusiastically agreed. Middleton was taken to Mari Vanna and was surprised to find that it looked like an ordinary apartment from the outside, but was a treasure trove of Russian cuisine and decor on the inside. The menu, cooked and served by Russian staff, is authentic Russian food. The restaurant has a vintage feel to the decor and the lighting. Regulars were given a key with a Matryoshka doll to get in on off nights. The restaurant is fully embraced by NHL players like Sergachev, Namestnikov, Bobrovsky, and Kucherov, who love the authentic Russian atmosphere. A specific experience was detailed for a journalist at the restaurant including the meals, the band, the culture, and the subsequent interactions after the meal. The team Lightning seems to love the spot. A few anecdotes of other players’ experiences were also shared toward the end of the piece.

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