Tuesday, May 21, 2024

President Biden held a meeting with the families of Americans being held hostage in Gaza at the White House on Wednesday, following his strong remarks about Israel’s actions in the region.

Biden expressed concern about the impact of Israel’s attacks on international support for its war on Hamas, criticizing the civilian casualties and destruction in Gaza. He also acknowledged the growing divide between U.S. and Israeli leaders on how to address the conflict.

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, announced plans to visit Israel to discuss the end of the war and the role of the Palestinian Authority in governing Gaza and the West Bank.

The U.S. has also raised concerns about Israel’s handling of the conflict, but has maintained its support for the country, as evidenced by its opposition to a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire.

In addition to the meeting with the hostage families, the White House confirmed that roughly 100 out of 240 hostages, including some Americans, have been released since the October 7th kidnapping.

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