Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Nick Kyrgios is sipping a filtered coffee over ice at a Venice breakfast joint. He’s skipping food as he prepares to go on a hike in the mountains above Malibu later and doesn’t want to feel full. With a month-long stint at The Tennis Channel for commentary and filming interviews with other renegade athletes and celebrities, he’s been able to enjoy walking the streets of Venice, or along the promenade by the beach in Santa Monica, and even attend an LA Lakers NBA game without the hassles of his Australian homeland. He’s also working on a deal with OnlyFans, promising his fans that he has no plans to become a porn star, while admitting to some behind-the-scenes relationship content.

As for tennis, Kyrgios has not played for several months due to ligament damage to his right wrist that required surgery in October. He acknowledges that this injury has been equally as fine as his lack of injuries last year, expressing his unique personality and outlook. Despite his last year being filled with a startling season that included numerous wins and successful results in different championships, Kyrgios is trying to balance out the intensity this year and express himself in different ways.

His season started off with injuries and only played one match with Wu Yibing before the recovery from the injuries during the 2022 season. His injuries left him mentally drained, which resulted in his body shutting down during his performances.

Doctors initially advised rest and physical therapy following the removal of a cyst and repair of a tear in his knee, but he later had surgery for ligament damage in his right wrist following intense pain. This has led to a lengthy recovery process, but Kyrgios feels confident that his natural sense for the game has not gone away. With a blank schedule and no plans for the near future, The Tennis Channel has been providing him with opportunities to dip his toe and start his television work now; an opportunity he feels he gets respected for in America. Last month, he was behind a desk at The Tennis Channel providing analysis, which was received positively.

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