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The winter 2024 anime list has been announced by Crunchyroll

and we are seeing many new and continuing series.As Christmas and the holiday times grow closer, it means the festive times will bring many presents and good cheer. But something even better is around the corner. New anime! This week, Crunchyroll just announced their preliminary list of winter 2024 anime coming to the streamer. The anime streaming site will see a whole bunch of new anime, alongside some continuing from the fall 2023 anime list, such as Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Shangri-La Frontier—two shows I recommended from the previous season and am still enjoying. Of course, the long-running One Piece anime continues as well, kicking off the new Egghead Island arc on January 6th.

Top 5 picks of winter 2024 anime coming to Crunchyroll:

  1. Metallic Rouge (BONES)—January 10

    Probably one of the most anticipated winter 2024 anime series kicking off, it will definitely be a treat. BONES created the original show to mark the studio’s 25th anniversary. This is not based on a manga or anything, purely an original script and storyline. You do not want to miss this sci-fi, action series, despite not too much being revealed yet. Crunchyroll explained the plot: “In a world where humans coexist with androids called Neans, a group known as the Immortal Nine rises up against society. Tasked with disposing of the revolters, a Nean named Rouge Redstar (aka Metal Rouge) and investigator Naomi Orthmann head to Mars to track them down…but first, Rouge wants some chocolate.”

  2. Burn the Witch #0.8 (Studio Colorido)—December 29

    While we all wait for the next part of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc to return, we might as well enjoy this treat. Creator of Bleach and Burn the Witch, Tite Kubo, invites us back into the Soul Society of London. Surprisingly enough, this will be a prequel to the one-off season of Burn the Witch. This prequel series is a much-watch for Bleach fans, and it will provide more answers to those puzzled to find out more about Reverse London and Wing Bind (WB).

  3. Classroom of the Elite Season 3 (Lerche)—January 3

    Kiyotaka Ayanokoji and his classmates are back for their third term as they progress to Class C. What awaits them now is the exam known as the “mixed training camp.” It is a co-ed test where all classes must work together to achieve high scores, but the twist is that teammates may be former enemies! The price of failure means expulsion, of course. If you have been riding the Classroom of the Elite train up until now, you already have an idea of what to expect from this one!

  4. Solo Leveling (A-1 Pictures)—January 6

    Easily, this is the most anticipated winter 2024 anime—if not the most anticipated anime series of 2024! It was originally a Korean web novel that began its run in July 2016 but eventually got adapted into a webtoon two years later when it gained a mass fan attraction. And now the anime is hitting the scene! The plot for Solo Leveling revolves around the protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, who is known as the weakest hunter in the world. He is brutally slaughtered by a group of monsters from a high-ranking dungeon. However, Jinwoo returns back to the land of the living through the System, some kind of program only visible to him. The System helps him level up in all of his stats, and now that he is given another chance, he will have to discover the secrets behind his powers and the dungeon that awaits him.

  5. Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 (A-1 Pictures)— Coming Soon

    While there is currently no official release date for the second season of Mashle, it is my favourite manga and anime in the last couple of years for its humour and parody content. The self-aware jokes just hit so good, especially when you have Harry Potter and The Wizarding World on your mind while watching the show. The next story arc is the Execution arc, which was a hilarious sprint if you read the manga. But it definitely will lead to one of the action-packed and a little more serious arcs known as the Divine Visionary Selection Exam arc. Somehow, each arc gets crazier than the next, so I cannot wait to see it animated.

There is a long list of great anime on Crunchyroll, so feel free to comment and express your excitement for some of the anime you all are excited about in the upcoming winter season. Be sure to check out the full list of Crunchyroll winter 2024 anime on their blog post on the Crunchyroll website!

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