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Both Remnant: From the Ashes and its sequel Remnant 2 offer thrilling boss encounters that require intricate strategy for success, cementing their place among gaming excellence in this genre. Bosses with unique movesets and abilities offer encounters full of variety. Remnant: From the Ashes, who also has more varied bosses, stands out in particular by encouraging multiple tactics against each adversary precisely because they are varied, so you have to adapt to each situation.

Soulslike Combat

Remnant (both its predecessor and sequel) presents players with captivating and unforgettable combat experiences through its boss battles, marked by individual traits, detailed backstories, and visually arresting displays of aggression. It’s time to explore and buy PS5 games that have as their model the celebrated Demon Souls but are at the same time different and innovative enough to be worth playing: Remnant is one of those. Souls-esque games provide formidable challenges while providing profound depth that allows players to decipher animations, anticipate attacks and ultimately emerge victorious without succumbing to damage; an extremely satisfying feat!

Examples of Boss Fights in Remnant: From the Ashes and Remnant II

Here are some examples of boss fights from each game:

Remnant 1

  • Gorefist: A large, lumbering beast that attacks with melee and ranged attacks.
  • Shroud: A shadowy figure that teleports around the arena and attacks with a variety of projectiles.
  • The Mangler: A grotesque creature that uses its long tongue to grab and pull players towards it.
  • Brabus: A heavily armored knight that wields a large greatsword.
  • The Ent: A massive tree creature that attacks with its roots and branches.
  • Singe: A fire-based boss that uses a variety of fire-based attacks.

Remnant 2

  • Obryk: A towering warrior who wields a massive shield and hammer.
  • Erfor: A cunning assassin that uses stealth and poison attacks.
  • Tian: A skilled archer that attacks from a distance.
  • Ikro: A powerful ice mage that controls the elements.
  • Brudvaak: A skilled horseman who fights alongside his war dog.
  • Harsgaard: A powerful sorcerer that wields a variety of arcane magic.

Do not be deceived by its dull introduction! At first, Remnant: From the Ashes may appear unassuming with characters seeming interchangeable and an ineluctable narrative producing no thrills or spillover. Don’t fall prey to its subpar opening sequence though! You will soon be hooked! But once you begin shooting at demons, the atmosphere changes significantly: clicking of reloads and hits are instantly familiar, reminding us of horror shooter classics such as Clive Barker’s Undying or recalling Left 4 Dead’s hectic atmosphere.

Remnant II


Gunfire Games stands out among recent attempts such as Immortal: Unchained in its ability to bring Dark Souls’ framework into a shooter context with satisfying results, especially through shotguns and hunting rifles that deliver a satisfying punch. Solo experiences often fall short in meeting challenges posed by difficult bosses compared to teamplay dynamics enjoyed by three players or more. Bosses that come accompanied by dangerous mobs make solo play an unpredictable cat-and-mouse game that puts even experienced gamers to shame! I was convinced to buy Remnant: From the Ashes by other players and reviews who compared it with Demon Souls. I liked other Souls-like games too… Nioh may lack Bloodborne’s captivating game world and characters, yet its extensive long-term content trumps this fact; nevertheless, it offers an enjoyable, stimulating, and intelligently orchestrated journey similar to what can be found within Souls games.

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