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Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movie franchises, and for 2023, a fake trailer for Home Alone 3: Kevin’s Revenge has surfaced, re-igniting interest in a potential threequel.

Ten days ago, a well-made trailer for a sequel to Home Alone 2: Lost in New York surfaced online. Despite the trailer being a clear fake (considering actor lines don’t match their lip movements), fans have taken to the internet to re-ignite talk about the potential third film, which would be 21 years removed from the sequel set in New York. For those who missed it, the trailer for Home Alone 3 can be seen below, and fans will instantly recognize the returning cast members reprising their roles.

YouTube video

The comments section underneath the video is flooded with fans imploring the remake to happen. User RegisteredNurseRN said “I would LOVE to see them do a NEW Home Alone movie! Our family watches Home Alone 1 & 2 every Christmas season.” Other fans have remarked on how long it has been, with another user, gholt39934 saying “I think the wet bandit are going to need some major backup. Considering how old they are and how painful the traps are.”

The Home Alone 3 trailer went viral since its release 10 days ago, and other platforms have fans mentioning the trailer and how it would be a great idea to release the dreamed-up Macaulay Culkin starring sequel. X users (formerly Twitter) have also expressed support for a three-make, while acknowledging the original Home Alone 3 film for not being a ‘true’ sequel. User Chavito316 says “i need this Home Alone 3 remake with the actual Kevin Mcallister on the Big screen.”

A Fake Home Alone 3 Trailer Has The Internet Begging For The Real ThingA Fake Home Alone 3 Trailer Has The Internet Begging For The Real Thing

The consensus is fans want a third film, with Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McAllister. Interestingly enough, Macaulay Culkin has reprised his role in the Home Alone films twice since the second one released in 1992, but not in the way fans want. The first time was in a YouTube series called DRYVRS, and episode one has Macaulay Culkin loosely reprise the role and detail how it affected the development of the character since being left ‘Home Alone‘. The short can be watched on the official YouTube account, and fans should be warned it contains heavy subject matter, foul language, and may be triggering to some.

The second reprisal comes from a Google Assistant ad from 2018, called Home Alone Again. The charming commercial shows how Macaulay Culkin would have prepared for the wet bandit invasion, had Google Assistant been around to help in 1992. That trailer can be seen below.

YouTube videoYouTube video

All-in-all, most fans agree they want a ‘true’ Home Alone 3 with the return of Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister. But Macaulay Culkin’s last tweet on the subject was to confirm he is not a part of any type of reboot on the franchise (called Home Sweet Home Alone) back in 2021, so unless a Christmas miracle happens, fans shouldn’t hold onto hope that Home Alone 3 with Kevin McAllister will happen any time soon.

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