Thursday, May 23, 2024

Baltimore Ravens coaches and players have gotten to know Todd Monken’s offensive strategies well, as Harbaugh handed his new offensive coordinator a game ball following a 38-6 victory over the Detroit Lions in Week 7. This allowed Monken the chance to address the team. Monken comes from a family of coaches and the locker room speeches are something familiar for him. Known for his fiery and enthusiastic speeches, Monken uses his raspy voice along with choice words to emphasize his points.

Monken’s latest meeting with the Ravens was quite emotional, as he previously left Georgia following back-to-back national championships to take the offensive coordinator job in Baltimore. Monken acknowledges the challenges faced by the team, particularly in integrating a new staff, new players and a new system.

Known for his spontaneous personality and authentic character, Monken’s unique approach to his work has made him a standout among his peers. His coaching career, spanning 34 years and covering a dozen stops in both college programs and NFL franchises, has been characterized by adaptability and emboldening of players. Monken is recognized as a very good and energetic communicator who makes his expectations clear and expresses things well.

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