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Nicegram, the crypto-focused messaging platform, surpasses 25 million users post-acquisition by Appvillis in 2022. Boasting a tenfold organic user increase, 89% engagement rate, and five-hour average user engagement, Nicegram emerges as the leader among Telegram alternatives. Its success is attributed to addressing community managers’ challenges on Telegram and offering specialized web3 features, with plans for a digital currency, monetization tools, and more in the pipeline. Nicegram fills a crucial gap in connecting with the thriving web3 and crypto communities.

Nicegram soared past the 25 million-user mark

Nicegram, the messaging platform with a laser focus on crypto and web3 communities, has soared past the 25 million-user mark, reaffirming its status as the foremost alternative to Telegram. Since its acquisition by Appvillis in 2022, the platform has witnessed an astonishing tenfold increase in organic user adoption, boasting an astonishing 89% engagement rate and an average user engagement time of five hours.

Nicegram, designed as a functional overlay atop the Telegram app, has particularly thrived in regions where crypto adoption is thriving and mature. Notably, it enjoys substantial popularity in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, with countries such as the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Malaysia, and Nigeria leading the charge.

Sergey Sheleg, Chief Product Officer at Appvillis, expressed his satisfaction with the platform’s rapid ascent, saying, “We are thrilled that Nicegram has established itself as the preferred alternative for Telegram users seeking greater control over their community engagements. Our captive web3/crypto audience stands as one of our most valuable assets, and our suite of enhanced functionalities tailored to this segment has been instrumental in our global organic growth.”

One of the primary driving factors behind Nicegram’s remarkable success lies in its ability to address the unique challenges faced by community managers on Telegram. By offering a dedicated space for web3 engagement, Nicegram has carved out a niche that positions it as an indispensable tool for both creators and users alike.

Sheleg elaborated on this point, stating, “As a messaging app built upon the core principles of Telegram – connecting people – we early on recognized the challenges faced by community managers in reaching a dedicated audience. That’s why, even as we scale up, our vision remains steadfast in building a unified community hub.”

Looking ahead, Nicegram has ambitious plans to enhance its offerings further. In the coming weeks, the platform will launch a beta version of several groundbreaking crypto-native features, including the introduction of its proprietary digital currency – the Nice Token. Additionally, it will introduce industry-first creator monetization tools, a multi-chain wallet, and referral and rating systems, putting the power of community engagement squarely in the hands of its users.

With over 200,000 web3-focused groups on Telegram, Nicegram has stepped up to fill a crucial void by providing a seamless interface for users to directly engage with this substantial and growing audience. The platform’s rapid growth and innovative approach to community building underscore its emergence as a pivotal player in the ever-evolving landscape of messaging platforms.

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